SPM Physics Accelerated Program

SPM Physics/Chemistry in 3 Months

Guided by a teacher with
21 years of Teaching Experience

Worry about your exam?
Can’t focus on your study?

Here is the SOLUTION!

meet teacher kwee

I start teaching tuition in the year 1998, after graduating from University Science Malaysia. I love teaching, and I love to work with teenagers.

In the year 2006, I start exploring E-Learning. I founded the E-Learning Website OnlineTuition.com.my (previously known as MyHomeTuition.com) and start giving online tuition and creating online learning material, including the 550 videos in the youtube channel “myhometuition“.

After 21 years of teaching, I know the struggle of students and their problems. I know how to guide them to study and learn through a smarter approach. I know all the tricks to score a higher grade in their exam.

I wish I can help more students, and I think a Teacher Guided Study Group is the most effective way of learning. With the help of messaging apps such as Whatsapp, I believe we can bring learning experience to another level.

SPM whatsapp 3 Months Revision

Why Whatsapp Study Group

All students would like to work hard and score a good grade. But most of them
– Can’t concentrate more than 15 minutes
– Has no motivation
– Do not learn efficiently

With Teacher Guided Whatsapp Study Group
– Concentrate better when discuss with friends and teacher
– Motivated when study together
– Learning efficiently with tips and tricks guided by a teacher


How it work?

The student who join this program will be added to a related Whatsapp Group. In the Whatsapp Group

  1. A student can ask any question related to the subject within the SPM syllabus.
  2. A student can propose to discuss certain topic that they don’t understand.
  3. From time to time, the tutor will
    1. propose topics of discussion by giving notes (sometimes videos) 
    2. give exam oriented exercises and discuss with students
    3. give the tips and tricks to score in SPM exam

Available Group

Form 4 Physics
Form 5 Physics
Form 4 Chemistry
Form 5 Chemistry
Form 4 Add, Maths
Form 5 Add Maths
Form 4 Science
Form 5 Science

Fizik Tingkatan 4
Fizik Tingkatan 5
Kimia Tingkatan 4
Kimia Tingkatan 5
Mate. Tamb. Tingkatan 4
Mate. Tamb. Tingkatan 5
Sains Tingkatan 4
Sains Tingkatan 5

We only accept 50 students in each group!

Testimonial of my students

Below were some messages sent to me by my ex-student, either through e-mail or text message.

Hi, Mr Kwee, I got A+ in my Add Math, A in my Physics and B+ in my Chemistry. :). I have really never expect that i could get these result. Thanks 🙂
Hui Cheng
I would to say thousand of thank you to myhometuition.com and especially Mr Kwee. I got A+ for both my Physics and Chemistry 🙂 I would suggest this to my junior in school
Cindy Leong
Thousand thanks to this online tuition and Mr Kwee. I got A for physics and Chemistry for my SPM result 😀 The courses help me a lot
Eunice Ng

Samples of My Videos



RM 120 /month/group
  • 30 days study group membership
  • All features included
  • Pay monthly

Launching Promotion

RM 300 /6 months/group
  • From 1st June 2019 - 30th Nov 2019
  • All features included
  • 90 days 100% money back guarantee
  • Valid until 31 May 2019

90 days no question asked 100% money back guarantee


How to join?

  1. Whatsapp the number 6011-108674086
  2. Kindly provide the following information
    1. Name of student
    2. Name of school
    3. plan to join (montly or half yearly)
    4. group to join
  3. Our person in charge will inform you of the amount of fee to be charged and give you the bank account detail. 
  4. Students will be added to the Whatsapp Group on 1st June 2019.